Her name is Bianca Lake. She is an aspiring singer and ex stripper. The 28 year old lady claims she has slept with 177 men and according to her, women want to be like her.

The singer who auditioned for X factor in past claims people who criticise her are jealous of her *say whaatt!!*.

She said she received a lot of male attention and would know instantly if a man was good in bed simply by the way he kissed.

Some people are simply upfront with the way they feel. Read more bizarre revelations after the jump

Bianca has also revealed to The People she’s bedded more men since filming and was now ‘starting to lose count’. Morally, she does not believe what she is doing is wrong because she uses condoms.

‘And lots of girls are like me, but I’m upfront about it. I’m like, “I banged you, I banged your mate last night and I’m banging your mate tonight”. I’m ruthless when I meet someone.

She revealed her candid thoughts on love and marriage during a news TV show , where she revealed that she has no intention of settling down like millions of other couples. Some girls do think I’m a slut but deep down they want to be like me,’

Bianca also revealed that the only time a steady relationship would be nice is when she’s celebrating Christmas or her birthday but said being involved with one man was far too stressful. She also said the one time she did commit to a man, he ended up breaking her heart.

Erm! Somebody please educate me, does sex with condom mean faithfulness? I do not understand this one bit.

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  1. Marquis says:

    She’s definitely sick in the head…

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